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Heading up to Door County, WI on vacation, getting away from the hustle and bustle? What is there to do once you arrive at your destination?  Door County has so much to offer, it doesn't matter what you're looking for, there is something for everyone!

That is the question that we have the answer to!  If we don't have your answer please contact us at so we can serve you better!



Gills Rock - Located at the very top.  Also known as the Top O' the Thumb.  One of the peninsula's best kept secrets.  Natural beauty abounds in this jewel at the top.

Ellison Bay - Rustic town with wonderful places to stay, shop and eat.  A must see on any visit to Door County!  A full service gas station, a store that goes back to 'Pioneer' days and so much more!

Sister Bay - Home to some of Door County's most recognizable places, the most well known being Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant.  Sister Bay also is home to multiple festivals, stores and more.

Ephraim - Quaint village that has a unique history.  One of the few towns in the United States that still has prohibition.  Ephraim has fish boils, coffee shops, bed and breakfasts and that's just the beginning.

Fish Creek - Home to Peninsula State Park which has hiking and biking trails, camping, beaches, golf courses and that's just in the state park.  Check out the town and you'll find cottages, custard, fine dining and a wide variety of shops to explore.

Baileys Harbor - Located on Lake Michigan, has Maxwelton Braes golf course just outside of town, cottages available for rent on the water, food, shopping, custard and more.

Egg Harbor - Shipwrecked Brewery downtown, Stones Throw Winery located just off County E, coffee shops, Main Street Market to pick up groceries for a family picnic.  Unique town with it's own charm to stop and take a peak at as you begin your journey in Door County.

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